What Is The Right Employee Reward?

What Is The Right Employee Reward?

You have finally come to the stage where you have learnt to recognize your employees and so have your colleague and co-workers. You know who is doing their job right and who has the potential to be doing their job right. The employee recognition program has helped you to shape your employees according to the company’s needs.

Now it is the time of the year where you have to give their much-deserved rewards. There are many options for giving a good reward that you don’t know which one to pick from. Here, we can classify employee rewards into three.

Is Money What They Need?

Depending on the requirement, you can select different rewards for your employee. If the employee needs money, then that is what you should be giving. You can either be giving it as a raise in their monthly salary or as a bonus for their hard work. Employers can prefer whichever way fits their budget.

You can also give it is a cash reward on the day of the program itself. Not only will the employee be grateful for the recognition, but also the meaningful reward. It is not in the best interest to give these as gift vouchers though.

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Meaningful Gifts Within The Office Premises

Dinner with the boss or a week in the manager’s cabin gets an employee excited. They may even feel as if it is the right way to recognize their work for the company. Getting company premise benefits is also something that every other employee will envy. Everyone wants to have a cosy room for themselves or be able to meet their boss.

If they already have an office cabin, then you can give a specific budget for which they can upgrade their office interiors. They can use that budget to either fix what is broken or add on to the features according to their comfort. A room with a personal coffee machine sure does sound nice.

Experiences As A Team

if the recognition program was done for teams, then the apt reward will be spending time with the team itself. Most often, the memories that retain in every employee’s mind is the different experiences they got through the office benefits. They remember the time they spent a good holiday with their team in a beach resort.

Having a simple team dinner also helps the team to stay together. Food always helps people bond with one another. This is also a good employee reward.