Get Your Kid Enrolled in the AEIS Preparatory Course Singapore

Do you want your kids to get their primary or secondary school education in Singapore? You might also have heard of the AEIS examination if that sounds like you. The exam is conducted to let the passing students get admission to a government school by the Ministry of Education. The examination can be challenging for many to crack but to ensure your kid gets admission, enroll him in an aeis preparatory course singapore.

At present, there are over 180 primary schools and over 150 secondary schools in Singapore. International students who wish to join these primary or secondary schools must take the Admission Exercise for International Students (AEIS) or Supplementary Admission Exercise for International Students (S-AEIS), held every September/October and February/March.

Students aged 7 to 12 years are eligible for primary school admission, and 12 to 16 years old are eligible for admission to secondary schools.

Aeis Preparatory Course Singapore

Finding preparatory course

You can put your kid in the best preparatory course in Singapore at Hanbridge Institute. The course content offered by the institute is based on the primary and secondary syllabus for Mathematics and English by Singapore’s Ministry of Education. The course material is also taken from the MOE-approved textbooks. Hanbridge Institute provides only trained,qualified teachers and educators who are familiar with the country’s education system to help the students reveal their full potential.

Everything you should know about the course

Now that you know Hanbridge Institute is one of the many options available when it comes to joining preparatory courses, you might want to know the things that set the institute apart from others.

Many factors will push you towards Hanbridge Institute only, some of which are mentioned in the following pointers:

Class duration

The preparatory course is run according to your requirements – part-time or full-time for six months. You can enroll in what suits you the best.

Class hours

The classes remain open on weekdays, except on public holidays. There are morning and afternoon sessions, each lasting for 3 hours.

Teacher-to-student ratio

A teacher cannot handle a class of hundreds of students as it becomes overcrowded, thus impossible to teach. The institute has a 1:41 maximum teacher-to-student ratio, which is absolutely fine for optimum learning.

The institute provides the children support, and care, along with hands-on learning and guidance to encourage them to achieve their goals. You can visit the website if you want more information regarding this.