Here’s Why Companies Must Practice Pre-Employment Checks

Here’s Why Companies Must Practice Pre-Employment Checks

Not everyone lies, yet not all the time employers receive honest information from their applicants as well. Finding the ideal candidate for a role in your company is not enough. It is crucial that you take the steps in ensuring that they have a clean background. This way, you are assured that they will not put your company and your name in jeopardy. This is why Intercheck’s Victoria police check is a must. If you want to know why then read on.

The Pre-Employment Checks

Pre-employment checks help companies make sure they don’t hire someone who could hurt their business. Before they hire someone, they look at their references as well as their social media profiles. The pre-employment checks include not only the candidate’s qualifications, but also their work history, health history, proof of identification, and even their finances. Sometimes, companies also need to check the person’s right to work in the country as well as their criminal records.

Pre-Employment Check (Before A Job Offer)

There are instances when background checks are done before an offer is made. This means that there will be less time between the offer and the start date. This saves you time since if you find something that you don’t approve of, you can easily move on to the next prospect. This however can be more expensive since you will have to go through all the necessary checks without even knowing if the applicant gets hired or not.

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Pre-Employment Check (After A Job Offer)

On the contrary, the pre-employment check after the job offer is done is much preferred by many. Simply because the thorough background check is only done with the one candidate that the company has chosen. This though can be a lengthy process in case something comes up and you decide not to hire the person. If it doesn’t work out, you might have to start over with the interview process.

Remember that even though you have already given an offer, you can still withdraw it when the results of the background check are unsatisfactory. As long as you told the candidate about the checks before making the offer. That is why during the application process, you must ensure that the applicants are aware of the background checks which will be done later on. 

Importance of Pre-Employment Screenings

Pre-employment screenings is a huge help for companies of any size and of different industries. This can easily tell if a candidate is right for a job and if they have the proper qualifications and skills that are needed. This helps check if the applicant is not only right for the job but is also fit for the business and its employees.