Bongs To Go! Everything That You Need To Know

Bongs To Go! Everything That You Need To Know

Many habitual smokers regularly make use of the water pipe, or bong. To help filter and chill the smoke, an extra chamber is filled with water, making this method a little more involved. For thousands of years, people all over the world have been using bongs to smoke tobacco, cannabis, and other herbs. This contributes to a greater overall effect. The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive list of bong varieties.

Glass Bongs

The use of glass bongs is widespread. Their monopoly on the cannabis market began in the late 20th century and shows no signs of ending. Glass is the material of choice for contemporary, stylish bongs since it can be shaped into any form. A glass bong gives an unrivaled experience in terms of both smoothness and hit. An inexpensive glass bong may not last as long as a silicone or ceramic bong, but a high-quality glass bong is still a great investment.

Metal Bongs

When it comes to smoking cannabis, many connoisseurs put emphasis on the flavor. Metal bongs don’t offer a really satisfying smoking experience. Yes, they are reasonably priced and built to last, but their metal construction makes them out of date in the modern world. Metal bongs, to add insult to injury, are typically not customizable and are not see-through. Overall, metal bongs aren’t as good as the alternatives.


Silicone Bongs

Standard, medium sized bongs made of silicon are available. It’s a plus for portability, but some of you may find this a drawback depending on your own preferences. These tough bongs are practically indestructible because they are made of BPA-free silicone (which is safe to smoke out of). Moreover, some manufacturers even include a lifetime guarantee with their products. In addition, you can choose the color and style that you like for a low price. Yet, some firms are going to considerable pains to provide customization possibilities that are on par with glass bongs, even though ordinary silicon bongs don’t.


Acrylic Bongs

Acrylic bongs, made from a sturdy plastic, are available in a wide variety of designs to appeal to a wide range of consumers. Many people have voiced concerns about the practicality of acrylic bongs and the terrible smoking experience they provide, citing issues such as the inability to modify the bong and the ease with which they break. Obviously, the low cost and ease of replacement are the product’s key selling points.

Glass bongs, as a standard, are a good fit for any model that includes the typical consumer. The simple answer to this question is “what you prefer,” whereas the other is more complicated. A silicone or bamboo bong might be ideal if you have a habit of accidentally breaking yours. Nevertheless the aesthetically pleasing glass bongs may appeal to you if you are someone who values art. Yet, there is a market for each variety of bong, so they all remain available.