Find a 4-Room Resale Flat Renovation package at 96 Interior

Find a 4-Room Resale Flat Renovation package at 96 Interior

Have you recently bought a 4-room HDB resale unit? The first step to making your own space has been achieved, and the next one is to renovate it into something entirely different from the way you want it to be. Renovating one’s house is one of the most exciting steps for many and to ensure everything goes as smooth as butter, you must ensure that you get the best interior designers in town that can offer you a 4-room resale flat renovation package from which you can gain the most.

If compared to the bare space of a BTO, resale flats require more space planning and renovation to make them exactly like your dream home. A flat renovation is different from a house renovation as you have more neighours to consider.

Why should you renovate your flat?

If you are wondering about the reasons why you should renovate your home. Here are some reasons why you should go ahead with the renovation:

4 room resale flat renovation package

  • For comfort and enjoyment
  • Upgradation of the outdated flat
  • Enhancing the return on investment
  • To have some change
  • Make it more friendly and welcoming

Finding an interior home designer

Once you have purchased an HDB resale unit, you have to start looking for an interior home design that can offer the best 4 room resale flat renovation package suitable for your unit. It can be a daunting task at first but not anymore. Wondering why? With 96 Interior, you need not worry about anything. It is an award-winning interior design and renovation firm in Singapore. It offers full-service solutions for whatever you need.

If you are thinking of the reasons to go with 96 Interior, there are plenty, including:

  • It has a team of the experienced and committed interior designers to create meaningful spaces according to your needs.
  • It offers you a wide range of design concepts, ranging from Scandinavian to industrial.
  • It also has immense expertise in renovating and redesigning all types of commercial and residential properties, including 3, 4, or even 5-room resale flats.

4-room resale flat renovation package

The 4-room flat renovation package has everything you need – from professional designs to carpentry, masonry, flooring, and plumbing, which upholds the standards of workmanship. You can have a thorough look at what the package includes on their website.

The best thing is that the company offers you a 60-month warranty period. It is a trustworthy and reputable name in Singapore, and there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t avail yourself of its services.