How Cloud400 Can Help You Get the Most Out of IBM i Cloud Hosting

How Cloud400 Can Help You Get the Most Out of IBM i Cloud Hosting

For business-critical apps, it’s very important to have a server option that is strong, reliable, and affordable. This is where Cloud400 comes in. They offer safe, professional IBM i cloud hosting that is made to fit the specific needs of these kinds of apps. As a top managed service provider and POWER Specialty Business Partner, Cloud400 has a lot of unique features and perks that make it stand out.

Unveiling Cloud400: Unmatched Expertise and Reliability

At the core of Cloud400’s offerings lies a wealth of expertise and experience, backed by a team of World-Class IBM i Fanatics, each boasting over 20 years of industry knowledge. This depth of experience ensures that Cloud400 is well-equipped to handle the intricacies of hosting business-critical IBM I applications with ease and efficiency.

Safety, Reliability, and Redundancy

  • Cloud400’s commitment to safety and reliability is underscored by its SOC 1 SSAE 18 certification, guaranteeing the utmost in data security and operational reliability.
  • The servers are housed in a tier III data centre, ensuring optimal redundancy and connectivity with 4 fibre loops to the internet.

Simplifying Complexity: Onboarding and Go Live Made Seamless

Cloud400’s streamlined assessment and setup processes alleviate the complexities associated with migrating and hosting business-critical applications. From onboarding and testing to seamless go-live, Cloud400’s refined approach simplifies the transition, empowering businesses to leverage their IBM i applications with confidence.

Flexibility, Affordability, and Performance

Cloud400’s offerings extend beyond technical prowess to encompass flexibility, affordability, and uncompromising performance:

  • Flexible Terms: With terms ranging from 3 months to several years and no long-term commitments, Cloud400 caters to businesses seeking interim IBM i hosting during platform transitions.
  • Performance: Despite the cost savings, Cloud400 doesn’t compromise on performance, ensuring that clients experience a seamless transition with no sacrifice in application performance.

Embracing the Future of IBM i Cloud Hosting

In conclusion, Cloud400 emerges as a beacon of reliability, expertise, and cost-effectiveness in the realm of IBM i cloudhosting. With a proven track record of empowering businesses and simplifying the hosting of business-critical applications, Cloud400 stands poised to unlock the full potential of IBM i-cloud hosting for enterprises seeking a secure, expert, and seamless hosting solution.

Discover the unparalleled benefits of Cloud400 and embark on a journey towards a future-proof IBM i cloud hosting experience.To learn more about Cloud400 and its transformative capabilities, click here to explore first-hand the possibilities that await your business.