Why Is The Green Mark Certification So Beneficial For Your Building?

Why Is The Green Mark Certification So Beneficial For Your Building?

Whenever you hear the word green, you automatically assume that it is something about saving the environment or some new initiative that has been created for the environment. You are correct, but this is no new initiative because it has been working since 2005. Continue reading to find out what a green mark certification is and what is its role in saving the environment and making it a better place for us.

What is a green mark certification?

As mentioned, the initiative came into the works in 2005, and its main motive is to evaluate buildings and make sure that it is a safe home for the residents. Imagine yourself in the situation and think about how important this certification is. Knowing that the building you are buying a house in has proof that it is environmentally safe would make you worry about it less, would it not? The green mark certification is not something that anyone could get automatically without worrying about a single thing.

green mark certification

Certain people are involved in the making of the building, such as the builder, building owner, developers, etc, and only they are the ones who can apply for the certification. Yes, your building owners need to apply for it first if they want the certification. Once they have applied, a concrete evaluation process takes place, and that finalizes which building is worthy of the title. There are certain criteria that they check to ensure this but you can never be sure of what details are taken under consideration.

Benefits of a green mark certification:

It is impossible to not have any benefits of the certification because if there weren’t any benefits, no one would want to go through with the procedure and waste their time behind it.

  • It sets your property apart from the rest in the market, and as mentioned above, anyone would go for an environmentally safe building that has a certification instead of the one that does not.
  • It adds to the value of your building for obvious reasons. This certification holds a lot of importance, and your building has that counts for a lot.
  • It results in lesser use of energy, water, and other resources that is also a good thing for the environment and us.

There are several other benefits that you get through this one certification, and it’s not something that you should miss out on.