Increase your customer attraction rate with a Unique Exhibition Booth design

Increase your customer attraction rate with a Unique Exhibition Booth design

First of all, catching the eye of the target audience with the first impression is an important point to attract people to the booth. It is said that “human judgment is determined in 0.3 seconds”, and it judges whether or not you are interested unconsciously.
We will introduce “exhibition booth design mechanisms” to create a space that attracts people. In exhibitions and event venues overflowing with raw information, let’s make your exhibition successful by grasping the points to attract attention and interest to the target!
People tend to lose interest in things they don’t understand by sight, so let’s think about design while paying attention to the following points.

How to show effectively at an exhibition?

The booth of the exhibition is made up of various components. Here’s a look at how to show it effectively in an exhibition booth design.


The tagline is written on flyers, posters, and invitations, and it is the first thing that enters the eyes of visitors. Think carefully about a word that succinctly describes your company’s philosophy, concept, or the characteristics of your product or service. And when all staff members are conscious of the tagline they have decided and act accordingly, the unity deepens.

booth design


In some cases, the merits of a product or service are difficult to convey with photos and text alone. By summarizing the actual use of the facility as a video in an easy-to-understand manner together with sounds, visitors will deepen their understanding and make it easier to remember.
Product display stand

The most important area of the booth is the space where products are displayed. Anticipate your audience and carefully select and display the products you want to see. Let’s prepare according to the size of the booth, such as business meeting seats with a set of tables and chairs, and counter seats that are easy to talk to easily.


Brightness also leads to the image of the company as a whole. Adjust the lighting to get a brighter field of vision.


We will think about the message that we want to convey through the panel, such as the company’s philosophy and history, the characteristics and strengths of products and services, and examples and effects. However, you should not create a panel that is packed with sentences and has too much information. Generally, few visitors read all the text of the panel. There is no problem if detailed information is posted in brochures and flyers.

Design and color

It is recommended to have a panel with few letters and photos and a large size and sharp color. A design that is easy to adapt to the overall atmosphere is desirable.