Flower Envelope Boxes- better than Bouquets

Flower Envelope Boxes- better than Bouquets

Bouquets are familiar and old-fashioned, but flowers are not. Now, there are different and cuter ways to arrange flowers. Please send them to your dear ones or even have them as decors for your living room or event venue. Bouquets can be huge and heavy to carry; therefore, the cute smaller versions like flower envelop boxes, mini bouquets, and flower boxes come in handy.

Envelop boxes were conceptualized with the romantic idea of sending letters. Today nobody sits down to pen beautiful letters, wraps them in an envelope, and sends them across. A flower envelope box can bring that feeling back.

Envelope boxes

These are small box floral arrangements ideal for gifting your loved ones. Use different exotic flowers to represent how rare your love is.  Flowers are ideal for making someone feel special and loved. They express different emotions in different ways.

flower envelope box


Roses represent love and passion, and each color rose represents different emotions. These are the favorite flowers of lovers. You can be traditional and gift a classic red roses bouquet or think differently and choose a cappuccino rose and a carnation arrangement in a marble envelopment box.


These beauties represent sensuality, and their plush petals make them a suitable choice in envelop boxes. Also, considered lucky charms, gifting someone peony envelope boxes bring them luck.


Lilies are classy and sophisticated. They represent elegance, beauty, and passion. A single lily in the arrangement could make it more exotic.


Carnations are flowers readily available in many colors. Usually, they are used as layer flowers, but they are beautiful and represent prosperity and femineity. Sending them to a girl or guy you love might signify the fascination and admiration for them.


Wordsworth made these flowers very memorable. They are small packets of sunshine with bright yellow hues and are cute and perfect inside the flower envelope box. These are also believed to bring good luck and happiness to the receiver.


Lavender is scientifically proven for its mind calming and relaxing effect; its sweet fragrance affects all of us. These little heaps of flowers make an excellent addition to multi-floral bouquets.

Take Away

Envelop boxes are a romantic way to gift flowers; they are compact, novel, and beautiful. A combination of big and small flowers is used to make a beautiful arrangement, and you can also add compliments like cakes, chocolates, wine, and flowers.