How to Buy Professional Hair Trimmer for Salon?

How to Buy Professional Hair Trimmer for Salon?

As a hair professional, you need all the equipment at your disposal. Are you working in a men’s salon? One of the most essential things that you require is the trimmer. Whether its hair or beard, trimmers give the edge to your customers. Trimmers enhance the look of men without much effort. In the market, there are many types of trimmers. As a professional, you may be confused with several options. Here is what you need to look for while choosing a professional hair trimmer for salon.

Choose cordless trimmers

You will get two options to choose from: cord and cordless. Since everything has gone wireless, why not trimmers? Cordless trimmers are way more convenient to use. While doing your job, you don’t want the wire to interfere. Further, corded trimmers possess the risk of electrocution. On the contrary, cordless trimmers eliminate this risk as they are powered by batteries. Also, battery backup is crucial in cordless. You should always check if the battery backup is long enough for sustained use.

professional hair trimmer for salon


You will go for cordless trimmers but don’t want to wait before it gets charged. You could lose your customers because of your trimmer. The question is ‘what is the ideal charging time for your trimmer?’ Ideally, you should choose a trimmer that takes less than 2 hours to charge. Also, check the warranty claims of the selling company. Your trimmer should not betray you at the last minute. You can expect a fully charged trimmer to last about 75-80 minutes. So, if you take almost 6 minutes of continuous trim for every customer, your trimmer should last for 12 customers.

Know your blades

Trimming is the game of blades and you need to know all about them. You can ensure precision with your blades. Chrome blades are usually used in trimmers. Apart from that, there are two kinds of shapes available in blades: T-shape and U-shape. T-shapes are suitable for the wider area while U-shaped blades are more concise. You should always go for stainless steel blades for trimmers. To ensure the longevity of the trimmers, you should go for self-sharpening blades. Blunt blades are a big no for professional hair trimmers for the salon. They will leave your customers with a painful experience tugging on their hair follicles.


Everything comes down to one question “how much can you pay for the trimmer?” The market is full of products at all kinds of prices. You can keep the roundabout figure to buy trimmers. Stick to your basic requirements and search for trimmers accordingly. The top three things you need to concentrate on are battery, type of blade, and motor power.

Now that you know all about professional trimmers, you can buy one for your salon. Enjoy a happy trimming experience.