Ten types of Necklace Stacks to Wear This Year

Ten types of Necklace Stacks to Wear This Year

Necklace Stacks are simply necklaces worn together, along with earrings or a bracelet to complete the look. It’s easy to wear a few of your favorite pieces at once. The possibilities for these stacks are endless: mix metals, lengths, textures, and styles (whatever is in your jewelry box) to create your signature Necklace Stacks that suits you best!

1. Satya-harmony-x-seven-sisters-necklace-stack

This is the most basic and straightforward necklace stack. A statement necklace on your best day is what you should reach for every time you want to look effortlessly chic. I’m wearing three statement necklaces – a dainty chain, a chunky one, and a feathery pendant. I love that each necklace has its distinct style. This way, I can switch up my wear for different occasions! The result will be four necklaces – the first being my favorite classic choker that I can’t ever have enough of!

2. Ellie-vail-jasper-multi-chain-necklace

As I mentioned, the shape can play a massive part in making your necklaces stand out! This pendant necklace stack adds more interest to my typical choker. The other two necklaces are delicate chains with lots of texture and shine.

3. Figaro-x-Paola-necklace-stack

This necklace stack’s simplicity makes it so easy to feel glamorous. I’m wearing two dainty chains with a chunky pendant and finishing with a very small one (that is also lightweight!). I love how they complement each other!

4. Zara-x-cassia-necklace

Here is an example of a chain necklace stack with two small chains and a pendant. I’ve also been practicing this painting on the nails trend lately, doing it in purple. It’s so easy to do!

5. Lifestyle-layered-necklace-trio

I’ve seen people wear their necklaces in many different ways, like stacking them up with other pieces – such as bracelets or earrings. This is cool! It looks more texture and engaging while still keeping it simple! These necklace stackS is done exactly like in my photos: I’ve also attached earrings to the end of each chain.

6. Elie-vail-jasper-multi-chain-necklace

This is my current favorite necklace stack! Three delicate chains are all equally weighted to create a dreamy look.

7. Trellis Necklace Stack

Next are four necklaces, all woven into one:

  • A thicker golden chain
  • A dainty chain
  • A gold pendant with rope detailing on the front
  • A smaller chain

8. Earrings and Pendant Necklace Stack

I love this necklace stack because it differs from anything I usually wear! I’ve loved wearing my earrings over my pendant necklace lately – to add texture and texture contrast to the look! The two chains are dainty and bright, while my extra small pendant is small enough to be still wearable but big enough to make a statement.


Necklace stacks are a great way to wear your favorite pieces simultaneously. They can also create a cohesive look if you wear several necklaces, as I have done here. The chains within each stack must be of equal weight so that it doesn’t look awkward and uneven (although there is nothing wrong with having an intentional imbalance in your necklace stack).